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Galénic’s Relaxing and Refreshing Eye Care bottle is THE best ! Seriously, you won’t find any other product that has this much effect ! It lightens the dark areas around the eyes and you can see the change within days ! I’ve bought this from Lebanon, still not in Kuwait, BUT Boots is bringing it […]

M.A.C Cosmetics new set of nail polishes is the product of the brand’s latest collaboration with Jin Soon the Hand & Foot Spa ! The colors are very cool and calm, perfect for the upcoming fall season ! I really do wish that we get them here in Kuwait, that’d be a huge HIT, no […]

Once you make a mask out of them, Avocados will penetrate the skin quickly. They’re considered good treatments for dry skin, and serve as excellent moisturizers. It also contains Vitamin E ! To create the mask: Pit the avocado Puree the pulp Put it on your face Remove it from your face after 15 minutes, […]

After a hectic week filled with activities, work and blah blah. I think we all deserve a little pampering ! So now, I’m sharing with you my ultimate pampering and relaxing technique. The secret lies in the Lavender ! The smell and the feel of it, is just brilliant ! Just fill your bathtub or […]