Review: The Sartorialist



I’m sure you all know The Sartorialist “Scott Schuman”, his blog is like my online getaway. He knows style and shows it like no other fashion photographer. Anyway, tonight I’ve received his book “The Sartorialist” as a gift from a friend and I must say I’m hitched ! It’s gonna be my shopping companion for now on ! The book contains every shot that he took in his four years of blogging. Every now and then in the book, he’d comment about why did he take a certain photo, or what inspires him, he’d also talk about his fashion influence, and many other things. The book contains mainly photographs, but it’s fun that he added a little commentary every 5-15 pages. At the end of the book, in the Index, he wrote exactly where each shot was taken and when.

Anyway, it’s a wonderful book, and a must for fashion enthusiasts.

A special Thank You Sarah for this beautiful gift :*


8 Responses to “Review: The Sartorialist”

  1. 1 Sarah

    I’M SO HAPPY πŸ˜€

  2. Wow……..
    congrats for the book. πŸ™‚
    but Maryam, you know what? I wish I had a friend like Sarah 😦

  3. 5 novembercompany

    i love the Sartorialist, very inspirational!
    great blog!

  4. 7 RASHED

    oh my god i think you give me very important blog for a great fashionest thank u thank u wooooooooooooooow

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