My Preview of Lebanon


I’ve been wanting to post something about it but honestly I wasn’t in the mood and I had a bit too much stuff to do, so finally Lebanon !! TaRaaa hehehe drama πŸ˜›

Well first of all, we’ve stayed in Falougha, this beautiful town up on one of those mountains, it doesn’t have much except for it’s views and beautiful weather. Oh the weather, beautiful doesn’t begin to describe how it was ! Our first night there, we slept fully covered and shivering because it was 17 degrees out there ! We were freezing ! Anyways, this pic is the view from the balcony in the living room. Oh and I forgot to say this is our first time living in an apartment when traveling, I have to say I’d rather stick to hotels.


The next day we went to a newly found grotto called 3ain Wezain, in the 3ain Wezain area. It’s really small but very very beautiful and cold. Now in the last pic you’ll find part of a jar, that’s there because there’s water coming from the ceiling. They say that this water is cleaner than any water we drink ! I’ve tasted it and it was really cold and just tastes like water πŸ˜›

IMG_0964 IMG_0976
IMG_0980 IMG_0974
After that we went to Bait Edien, this old palace belonging to someone (I forgot his name, but he was the president of Lebanon or something like that). Every year they hold this exhibition about a certain someone or topic, this year we were blessed with an Om Kalthoum Expo. They had this whole hall filled with portraits of her, the right wall of the whole had pictures of her, and the left wall had painting of her. I’ve taken pics of them all, too many pics to post here, but I guess this painting sums everything in it ! I fell in love with it !
The palace has these many many chambers in it, if I’m not mistaken if had 365 chambers, again I’m not really sure ’cause my memory isn’t helping me. I couldn’t take a picture of every room because well photography is forbidden in my most of them, but this is a pic of the fountain and my little cousin πŸ˜› The whole palace was great, but what really caught our eyes was the absolutely gorgeous garden in the back, as my sister calls it “the princess garden”, something you only see in movies hehehe ! But really it was beyond what those four pictures can show you, we wanted to sit there forever ! The trees were so long, the view was captivating and the whole place was just a big SIGH ! πŸ˜›
IMG_1092 IMG_1097
IMG_1098 IMG_1100
So the next day we went to J3aita Grotto, photography isn’t allowed in there, but let me just say if you go to Lebanon and don’t go to J3aita Grotto, then you really didn’t go to Lebanon ! That place was beautiful ! Now J3aita has actually two grottos, the one above which you walk through it, and the one under which you roam around it in a boat. The water in the one under is soooo cold ! Oh yes, and you must go in the Summer because in the winter the water grotto doesn’t open because the level of water will rise.
Up next was our visit to Celebrities Museum, which isn’t big really just a small house with statues of celebrities made of Silicon. Most of the celebrities there are country leaders, some singers, scientists and a few more. I found a Shiekh Jaber (RIP) statue so I took a photo. But all in all, the statues were not well made, there are many differences between the real person and his/her statue.
The day after that we were going to Zahla when our driver decided to show us the first Lebanese flag, up in Falougha. The place is beautiful and really catching, there were butterflies and flying creatures everywhere, something that I don’t really like πŸ˜› But anyways, in there we saw our first set of Cedar trees, which is quite interesting because as high as Falougha is, Cedar trees still don’t grow
there, they grow in a higher area I think at about 1800 or 1900 something like that. The flag, I’m sad to say, is worn out, I think from the rough weather during the winter. These next two pics show the flag and the place as a whole.
Now the next three pictures show Al Lai6ani Lake and Dam, another must in Lebanon. It’s down near Al Beqa3 Plain, so the weather can be a bit hot, but to our luck it was a beautiful slightly windy day. We took a trip around the lake and a bit into the river.
IMG_1553 IMG_1557 IMG_1588
The rest of the days, we’ve spent in either Beirut, Byblos, Bhamdoun, or walking around Falougha.
Anyways I think I’ll stop talking for now πŸ˜›
Hope I gave Lebanon a fair review about it !

6 Responses to “My Preview of Lebanon”

  1. 1 Sarah

    Beautiful review memz πŸ˜€
    very nice ma3anni eshwaya e7tarait hehehe πŸ˜€

  2. I have never been to Lebanon! I am gonna take notes from your post when I plan a visit hehehe. Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰ And yeah, that does not look like Sheikh Jaber alla yer7ma but its nice that they made a statue for him anyway πŸ™‚

  3. 5 Amu

    nice review..i havent been there but your notes will be great to plan a trip! thanks..

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