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As beautiful as his fashion lines are, and as gorgeous as he makes women look, his home is an absolute equal to his style! Just outside of Florence, lives the Italian designer .. Catch the rest of the pics here. Bellissimo to the extreme, I would say ! Advertisements

There is this HP You On You story-telling campaign going on in YouTube, where they ask all of YouTube users to tell HP their stories. So I came across this video which really caught me and enlightened me a little. It’s about inspiration !

Yesterday evening my whole family were watching Memoirs of a Geisha, this absolutely wonderful movie that I’m sure you all know. One of the great things about this movie is the music and the gorgeous melody that’s an absolute delight ! I remember my sister downloading the soundtrack of this movie, and I think we […]

This book was on top of my summer reading list, I started in Lebanon and finished it there. It’s one of those books that you just don’t wanna put down ! It’s so thrilling, shocking, interesting and absolutely brilliant ! The author kept on pulling me to read more and more, that even when I […]

Me really really likey, nice no ?

I’ve been wanting to post something about it but honestly I wasn’t in the mood and I had a bit too much stuff to do, so finally Lebanon !! TaRaaa hehehe drama πŸ˜› Well first of all, we’ve stayed in Falougha, this beautiful town up on one of those mountains, it doesn’t have much except […]

Vogue Italia latest Barbie Issue is focusing on Black ! The reason behind this is to spread the diversity in the fashion world ! See some pages of the issue here, I have to say I absolutely LOVE the idea !