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A Yemeni airplane that had 153 souls in it, crashed today as it was trying to land during heavy winds. It’s said that there are no survivors except for this 5-year-old child ! All I can say is Sub7ana Allah really! It’s amazing that he’s even alive ! Advertisements

A moonwalk flashmob done by a group of swiss citizens in Vienna as a tribute to Michael Jackson. I love how many of them can’t dance, but they just dance away! Absolutely LOVE it !

For about 6 months now, a couple of doctors in our family have been active in teaching Kuwaitis about Vitamin D and what its deficiency can lead to. I think what started this all is a health problem that I suffered from a while back, and I had to take the Vitamin D test. A […]

After a hectic week filled with activities, work and blah blah. I think we all deserve a little pampering ! So now, I’m sharing with you my ultimate pampering and relaxing technique. The secret lies in the Lavender ! The smell and the feel of it, is just brilliant ! Just fill your bathtub or […]

I was watching The Road To El Dorado, one of Disney’s Cartoons with my sisters. It’s not that old but not new either. We were all singing along as the songs played, and it hit me that I didn’t have the movie’s soundtrack.

Finito !


A little something for me: I’M DONE WITH MY FINALS !! Yes FINITO Baby !! πŸ˜€ But this post isn’t about me, this one is actually dedicated to my new friend Noorah. I’ve met her about a few weeks ago, maybe even a month, and I grew to admire her ! Today was also her […]

It’s the third Sunday of June, so HAPPY FATHERS DAY to you all ! πŸ˜› Allah y5aleehum likum enshalla πŸ˜€